Major Hazard Installation (MHI) Practitioners’ Forum – Shift team communication including handover communication


The MHI Practitioner Forum was held on 13 July 2023 on the crucial topic of ‘Shift team communication, including handover communication’. The forum saw a gathering of approximately 180 participants, all eager to explore the significance of effective shift communication.

The forum highlighted the significance of identifying handover criteria and fostering good practices to ensure a smooth transition between shifts. Proper documentation, clear communication protocols and appropriate training are key elements to enhance handover processes. One of the sharing revolved around the importance of efficient shift communication. The speaker emphasized how streamlined communication between shift teams is vital for ensuring seamless operations, enhancing safety and minimizing errors in the Energy and Chemical industry.

Also, one of the speakers shared on the various shift handover tools designed to facilitate information exchange and improve overall efficiency.

The MHI Practitioner Forum proved to be a valuable platform for industry professionals to exchange knowledge and insights on improving current practices. Stay tuned for the next MHI Practitioners’ Forum scheduled in November 2023.