Read real-life experience of people who have been in the Energy and Chemical Industry. Some of them are veterans in the field and they share how they make the most of their career in this industry.


Within Operations


Wong Yun Kai, Shift Specialist
(7 years with Shell)

"There's never a boring day at work. If you hate deskbound or routine jobs, the work of the Process Technician is ideal as it faces different challenges every day. I enjoy working with the team to bring the plant back to production mode whenever we are faced with a plant upset. However, expect to work hard and stay focused."



Ong Kar Keong, Operations Technician
(10 years with SOXAL)

"Even though I'm in a similar job capacity for the last 10 years, I am still learning a lot about the industry and continuously growing with the company. I jumped on the chance to improve and upgrade myself from taking up relevant courses, as well as further my studies to raise my competency level. I was promoted four times over the years."

mohd khair2

Mohd Khair Bin Mohd Don, Olefin-I Plant, Superintendent 
(32 years with Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore)

"Adopt an "Enjoy what you are doing" attitude over a "Do what you enjoy" attitude. This industry offers a comprehensive learning process and the outcome is rewarding and fulfilling."



Olivia Ng, Lubricants & Utilities Business Team Leader 
(14 years with ExxonMobil)

"Within a span of 14 years, I've had moved from overseeing daily operations of the plant to no less than eight portfolios within the company. This has exposed me to the different aspects of the company's operations. Today, my portfolio involves me leading a cross-functional team to meet business goals. My pursuit of a Bachelor of Applied Science (Materials) at the National University of Singapore while working has also paid off. I enjoy my work greatly as I have the opportunity to work with many great people."

simon leong2

Simon Leong, Site Training Support Leader 
(20 years with ExxonMobil)

"If you are still considering joining the chemical industry, think no more. This industry in Singapore will continue to grow as the demand for speciality products grows. It is full of opportunities and the only limitation is your own vision and aspirations."



Nitin Kalsekar, Operations Leader 
(19 years with Celanese)

I’ve made the right choice by taking a process technician job over a white collar job. When the company expanded its wings in China, I was chosen to be the key operations support. From there, I went twice to US for training and design of new plants and was relocated to China for three years. Coming from a foreign country, I realised that talent and hard work leads to recognition when working in Singapore."


Kyle Yeo Choon Heng, Shift Manager 
(13 years with Oiltanking, previously a full-time regular soldier for six years)

"Over the past 13 years, I am glad to be given opportunities in chemical processing to grow my career despite possessing only an “O” level education. I’m now earning a comfortable income to support my family with three children. This industry provides alternative career change for people who might not possess the required education qualifications to be an engineer. However, we can be a specialist in our own area as long as we are committed to excel in what we do."




Beyond Operations

jeffrey wong2

Jeffrey Wong, HR Learning Manager 
(20 years with Shell)

"I joined as a Junior Process Technician (L5) in 1995 and 15 years later, I've explored beyond the technical role to become a Learning Manager in the Human Resources Team. Leading a team of three Learning Advisors and oversee- ing competencies of the employees in Shell Jurong Islasd today gives me a great sense of fulfilment."



Iswandi Bin Ramle, Cylinder Audit Supervisor 
(10 years with SOXAL)

"I started out as a Production Assistant with no practical skill and knowledge in the gas industry. But with a strong determination to succeed, I began picking up the skills slowly from my supportive supervisors. Ten years and several promotions later, I am a Cylinder Audit Supervisor today."

iswandi bin ramle2
ng teck guan2

Ng Teck Guan, HSSE Advisor 
(15 years with Shell)

"I was given the opportunity to study in Workplace Safety Health and from there, moved out of Operations to contribute in areas of HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment). When I look back at Operations, I'm constantly reminded of the camaraderie within my team mates and this is something I would cherish for the rest of my life. My team mates have gone through the thick and thin with me, including happy times and critical moments in my career."