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Singapore Customs's Circular on Tiering of the Licensed Warehouse Scheme & Revised Container Stuffing Procedure

Singapore Customs (SC) recently issued 2 Circulars, to inform that with effect from 01 April 2012:

i) the single-tiered Licensed Warehouse (LW) Scheme will be revised to three tiers, namely Type I, Type II and Type III; and
ii) all LW or excise factory licensees will no longer have to e-file for SC's supervision for container stuffing. However, SC would still conduct inspections on licensees when necessary.

Licensees in higher tiers (i.e. Type III) would be accorded the most facilitation, as they are assessed to have better internal controls and compliance levels. The facilitation accorded to Type III licensees include being allowed to store both duty-suspended and duty-paid dutiable goods within the licensed area, and operate multiple licensed areas under a single licence and pay a single licence fee. Type III licensees would also be subject to fewer checks than Type I and II licensees.

For more information, please refer to the respective Circulars via the following links:


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