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SCIC Safety Case Specialist Workshop – Bow Tie Analysis (11 January 2018)_POSTPONED

From January 11, 2018 09:00 until January 11, 2018 17:00

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Postponed -- Next session 3rd April 2018

SCIC Safety Case Specialist Workshop – Bow Tie Analysis

As part of SCIC’s efforts to help industry build capability in the implementation of Safety Case, a series of specialist courses on the key elements of the Safety Case regime has been developed to provide in-depth training in specific technical fields.

Through Safety Case, every MHI must show a link between measures taken and the safety critical events (SCE), including a description of the control measures and their links to the SCEs. Bow-tie Analysis is a technique that can be used to visually make these links.It is also used as a simple method to analyse and demonstrate the cause-and-effect relationship in Major Accident Scenarios. The workshop aims to build industry competency in using Bow-Ties for Safety Case and risk management and build capability in MHIs to utilise Bow-Ties to improve their internal process safety measures and barriers.

Workshop Objectives

The 1-day workshop on Bow-Tie Analysis is aimed at helping participants to acquire the skills and knowledge in the following aspects:

  • Understand the Bow-Tie Method
  • Understand what the benefits and limitations of Bow-Ties
  • Understand the differences between proactive and reactive risk management
  • Be able to identify top events and hazards
  • Be able to identify threats and consequences
  • Be able to assess the adequacy of their control measures through Bow-Tie Analysis
  • Understand the hierarchy of controls
  • Learn how to apply Bow-Ties to SCEs identified in the Safety Case
  • Be able to build a Bow-Tie diagram to demonstrate process safety   

Scope of Training

The scope of the training includes:

  • Bowtie benefits and limitations
  • Proactive and reactive risk management
  • Hazard and top event
  • Threat and consequences
  • Hierarchy of controls
  • Type of safeguard or barrier
  • Drawing the bow tie

Who Should Attend

Designated Safety Case Leads in MHIs; key personnel who have been appointed to coordinate, prepare, implement and operationalise Safety Cases, Engineering, Maintenance or Operations personnel involved with technical aspects of Safety Case, any other personnel involved in implementing Safety Cases.

Participants who are registering for the Safety Case Specialist Workshops are recommended to have a good overview understanding on the Safety Case regime implementation prior to attending the specialist trainings. Participants may also refer to the 4-day Safety Case Practitioners’ Workshop organised by SCIC via

Note: The SCIC Safety Case Specialist Workshops are only open to personnel from MHIs.

How to Register

SCIC member companies

Registration Fee (inclusive of GST): $642 per participant

Non-SCIC member companies

Registration Fee (inclusive of GST): $802.50 per participant

*Fee is inclusive of the training materials, lunch and tea-breaks for the training.

 Note: Registration would be on a first-come-first serve basis 

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