Energy & Chemical Industry

"The Energy & Chemical Industry creates products that enhance every aspect of our lives."

From the bus you travel on to the shower gel you use every day , almost everything we use today is by-products or finished products of the Energy and Chemical Industry. The Energy and Chemical Industry is one of the most important industries today. Products from the Energy and Chemical Industry are involved in almost every industrial process and are essential in other industries.

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Singapore is one of the leading Energy and Chemical hubs and home to some of the world's largest chemical plants. The Energy and Chemical Industry is a key driver of its economy, contributing 34% of total manufacturing output in 2014. The centerpiece of Singapore's Energy and Chemical Industry is Jurong Island, formed from the amalgamation of seven offshore islands. With a land mass of 3,000 hectares, Jurong Island is home to close to 100 leading petroleum, petrochemical and specialty chemical companies.


Introduction to Singapore's Energy & Chemical Sector



Jurong Island is Home to an Integrated Downstream Value Chain...