Responsible Care

Strategic Thrusts

The following shall be the Strategic Thrusts to achieve our mission:-

Economic and Governmental

  • To co-ordinate the efforts by the Chemical Industry for the benefit of Singapore as well as for intra-ASEAN regional economies.
  • To provide effective procedural measure for the establishment of an institutional identity to promote the interest of the members in dealing with (1) government; (2) other private sectors, institutions and industries; and (3) the public in general, within Singapore, intra-ASEAN and outside the ASEAN region.
  • To affiliate itself to the ASEAN-CIC and serve as the recognised representative from the private sector in Singapore to implement and deal with problems of ASEAN co-ordination in the Chemical industry.
  • To undertake, co-ordinate or encourage the conduct of research and studies for the purpose of identifying opportunities and projects on products for complementation in the Chemical Industry.


  • To develop and initiate the preparation and implementation of plans, programmes and projects that will promote and advance local and intra-ASEAN trade of Chemical products.
  • To formulate and develop recommendations towards rationalisation of government rules and regulations on shipping, banking, documentation, investment incentives, tariffs and non-tariff benefits, entrepot arrangements and other measures for identified projects and products for complementation.
  • To establish a system for the prompt compilation and dissemination of statistical and other data in support of the promotion and co-ordination of the Chemical industry in Singapore and other ASEAN-CIC members.
  • To initiate, encourage and co-ordinate efforts that will assist the members of the Chemical industry in examining the present and future trends in Singapore and intra-ASEAN region.

Environmental, Health and Safety

  • To develop a credible relationship with the Ministry of the Environment and the Singapore Civil Defence Force through the half-yearly dialogue session.
  • To be partners-in-progress with the Ministry of the Environment and the Singapore Civil Defence Force in safely developing the growth of the Chemical industry and ensuring a pollution-free environment.